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skilled gentlemen podcastHello and welcome to Skilled Gentlemen Podcast.  The creation of this website stems from both the realizing fact that I want to pass knowledge down to anyone that would want to listen to me and partly because I have seen many men that act like… boys.  When you turn on the news and see where someone has been stealing from the citizens they were elected to serve or when you hear of someone ostracized and abused both physically and mentally because they do not think the same way they do they do, you start to realize that the state of manhood and really the hope for a world of men are dwindling.

I read an article about male juvenile elephants and how they were out of control in a reserve.  The elephants were killing other animals for no apparent reason other than the uncontrollable amount of hormones that were surging through their veins.  The park rangers came to the conclusion that the absence of the elder male elephants that had been removed earlier had been the cause.  Without the strong leadership of the elder elephants the younger ones were left to go wild.  If you would like to read the article you can find it at These Stone Walls (Keep in mind I didn’t read the entire article past the elephant story).  How much does that speak about the strong role models in someone’s life?  I have had many role models in my life ranging from my father and grandfather to dead presidents.  Anyone can be a role model and that needs to be taken very seriously.  How essential is it for a young man to look up at what he would think was a role model and then have that role model whine and quibble over something small and insignificant.  A strong role model is absolutely indispensable!

Why the name Skilled Gentlemen Podcast?

Skilled Gentlemen Podcast is an attempt by the humble creator to reintroduce the ideas that our fathers, grandfathers, and their grandfathers taught their children and their peers.  In a world of technological advances and a world that is bent on putting WiFi on every utensil they own, there is a need for people like us.  Gentlemen that stand up for the rights of others, no matter their differences. Skilled Gentlemen that are re more focused on the development of their own hard skills instead of their fantasy football teams or the amount of friends they have on Facebook.  With the use of podcasting, I am determined to give an informative show on the development of both, thus Skilled Gentlemen Podcast was created.

The word gentlemen, as used by this website, is a describing word for men that aspire to become great.  I have done a podcast already that has my thoughts on how a gentleman acts and it is called “Do you have the mindset to be a gentleman“.  But not only is that one a good listen, just go to the tag cloud over on the right hand side of the screen and click on philosophy and see what I have covered thus far.

If you have been paying attention the page is called About Us however I have been using the pronoun “I” instead of “we”.  The reason is because I do not believe that this is just about me.  This website is about us.  A group of gentlemen have congregated in one spot of the galactic internet in hopes to challenge ourselves and make ourselves better men.  Not only will this make us better men but better husbands, fathers, grandfathers, role models, and sons.  Any one can contribute to the website as long as it pertains to the topic at hand.  All forms of media are accepted (video, print, or audio).  Thank you for your time and please, if you have any suggestions or want to be a guest on the show, please email me at skilledgentlemen@gmail.com.

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