The Gentleman’s Guide Series



Over the years I have put together what I would consider a Gentleman’s Guide.  This is a series of podcasts that I have put together where I have answered every question I can think of.  I have dove into the who, what, where, when, and why to bring you information you can digest and come out on top.  You can consider this series to be the best of the best in not only information but in topic.  This is the kind of stuff that your great grandfather would have wanted you to know about.  The Gentleman’s Guide Series is a series that will elevate you beyond what you can ascertain by watching documentaries or looking at Instagram photos of men in nice clothes.  The Gentleman’s Guide Series is a running reserve of information put into an audio format that will put you at the top of your game.

The absolutely deceptive part of this entire enterprise that is The Gentleman’s Guide Series is that it is free.  Free to listen to, take away from, and free to share with friends.  Take a moment and link to the show or podcast in your social media outlets or to join in the conversation.

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The Gentleman’s Guide Series List

9288102243_7ac493f118_k guide to bartending

A gentleman's guide to scotch Cell Phone Etiquette - A Gentlemen's Guide


a guide to bachelor parties driving like a gentleman



gardening like a gentleman a guide to mens fashion

If you can think of something that I have not gone over where there should be a show called “A Gentleman’s Guide to _____” you should get in touch with me.  I am always looking for suggestions.  Just go the contact page to send an email to me.  I do read ALL emails!  Some great information about being a guest on the show can be found on the Guest tab on the home page.

The Guest tab will explain all the information that I will need from you to be a guest on the show.  This includes:

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