The Skilled Gentlemen Top Podcasts

There are many shows that are available to listen and for free download but which ones do I start with?  Currently I am producing around 156 shows ranging from 20 minutes to 50 minutes which puts us at a conservative 5000 hours of podcast per year!

Every once in a while I finish a show and think to myself “I knocked this one out of the park”.  So if you wanted a top 10 to start listening from and then catch up on the others at a later time, I would suggest checking out the top 10 below.

  1. Breaking Away From The Pack
  2. Being a Best Man In A Wedding
  3. Everyday Chivalry
  4. The Gentleman’s Code
  5. Cooking Basics for a Man
  6. Executive Protection for the Family – Introduction
  7. 10 Things Your Grandfather Got Right
  8. Beer Basics
  9. Preparing For the Winter Vortex
  10. Reinventing Yourself

Also for a short amount of time I will have all of the shows in convenient zip files available for download below.  Understand as soon as I get the membership program set up the zip files will be moved over to there to provide convenience to the members.  I figure that my early listeners can have the advantage before it is gone.  Enjoy!

If you have a great idea for me to do, please voice your opinion!  A listener contacted me and asked for a top 10 and I figured it was a great idea so this page was born.  I am always up for suggestion for both shows ideas and for page easibility.  Email me at or contact me through the facebook page!