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Taking Care of Dogs – Mans Best Friend

caring for dogsDogs are truly mans best friend.  They want you when you are away and feel horrible when they know they messed up.  Dogs will, in some cases, give their lives to make sure yours is safe.  Considering that they do so much for us, why don’t we try to do better for them?  Caring for a dog is not rocket surgery but it can get confusing with marketing efforts from companies.  We need to know how to look through the marketing and really learn how to care for our buddies.

Today’s show is about making sure that you know how to take care of dogs.  This goes beyond marketing and quick conversations.  I have dove into the research and pulled from my own personal experiences for this episode.  No brands were mentioned in this show for which brand I personally buy.  If you are interested in knowing exactly what I buy, email me.  This was done so you are encouraged to do your own research and form your own opinions.


What am I going to learn regarding caring for dogs?

  • Better treats
  • What my dogs get for treats
    • 8 different recipes for dog treats
    • all of them really easy to do
  • How to achieve a better coat
  • Better food
    • recipes on how to cook their food
  • How to determine better food choices
    • getting around the marketing
  • What do my dogs eat around the farm

Resources used on the show:

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