Skilled Gentlemen podcast is the show that you wish you had years ago!

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Skilled Gentlemen Podcast is an on demand radio show that is both educational and entertaining.  This is a show that teaches a variety of skills and subjects that Large Blog Imageyou can add to your everyday life.  The main goal of this podcast is to empower the average man to upgrade his life and lifestyle to be that of a Gentleman that his family and friends want him to be.  Everybody wants to be better at work, better with family, and better at life.  This is your show.

What kind of topics are covered on Skilled Gentlemen Podcast?

There has been hundreds of episodes that have covered topics ranging from:

  • Beer
  • Cooking
  • Leadership
  • Married Life
  • Health
  • Any other topics that the listeners want to hear

These are some of the more popular shows that you are missing out on!

Every topic that is covered by this podcast is a topic that men want to learn about.

How do I subscribe to SGP?

Skilled Gentlemen Podcast can be listened to in many different ways.

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These are the two easiest ways to subscribe.  All of these are completely free and update as soon as the newest podcast is available.  However, there are many different platforms that you can download and grab my RSS feed to upload to.  The icon below is a link to my rss feed.

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How do I keep in contact with Skilled Gentlemen Podcast?

I have opened up many different social media accounts to help anyone to keep up and communicate with me.  Below is a group of of those accounts that you can follow and like.  These accounts are used in different ways and for different reasons.  Check them out and make sure to follow while you are there.

What can I expect from a Skilled Gentlemen Podcast episode?

I take great pride in the episodes that are produced.  Every episode that comes out and played through your audio device will be a mixture of entertainment and education.  The episode topic will be a topic that men have interest in.  If you do not have a lot of interested in certain topics, please get in contact with me and suggest a topic.  Every podcast episode is GUARANTEED to be safe to listen to in your vehicle with your kids (No cussing, No inappropriate topics).

Some of the topics that are discussed are:

While you are listening and subscribing, because what man doesn’t want to learn more about these topics, put your email in the form to stay in touch with us!  Also check out the SGP FORUM while you are getting set up with your free life change.  The SGP Forum is a free resource that is able to put you in touch with other like minded gentlemen.  Man up and get involved!

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