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When doing a podcast that is geared to focusing on manly topics and concepts, I mention the occasional item that I feel should be in either your library, toolbox, 72 hour kit, kitchen, or anywhere in your house.  This is the place where you can get all of this while at the same time helping out a dear friend and fellow podcaster Bob Mayne.

If you want to learn how we are helping out his efforts, please read below.

The items that are below are categorized in different ways in the form of lists and hyperlinks.  When you click on the hyperlink it will send you to the amazon store.

Books from the amazon store

Coming Soon!

72 Hour kit items

Mentioned in shows

  • Backup Buddy Flashlight
  • ORCA Coolers Chaser 27oz Cup (video/product)

Here is how this works.  Click on the hyperlinked item to be put into the store.  Purchase that item and any other item that you want.  A portion of the sales will be given to my partner.  You will never see any kind of increase in your total because Amazon affiliates do not work that way.  Any other purchases that you make can be made by visiting and making any purchases there.  Lets man up and show some appreciation toward a fellow Gentleman that I support.

As I mentioned in many of my shows, it is important in my principals to give credit to the people in my life that have done so much for me.  Bob Mayne has two podcasts, Today’s Survival Show and The Handgun World Podcast and both are outstanding.  I have pulled a lot of information from both of the shows in my normal everyday life and for the show.

I wanted to be able to be an affiliate Amazon seller so that I get a little bit of the kickback from my sales off of this page.  If you want to know what Amazon Affiliate Sales is, click here on this article.  When I was doing the research I became disappointed because North Carolina (where I live) residence cannot do this.  So I reached out to Bob Mayne to see if we could partner up.  I am now selling these items through his website so that it is a win win situation for us.  Any product that is bought through these links are going to help support his efforts and in turn help my efforts to bring awesome content.