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At the end of each podcast episode, you have heard a review on a piece of gear that I have reviewed.  This is where you can find the link to past products that I have talked about.  Use these links so that I get affiliate credit! Remember that the reviews that you heard are from someone that is a:

  • Career firefighter
  • Homesteader
  • Father
  • Husband

and I require things that do not break easily and that are worth the purchase.  Amazon has made a program that allows me to advertise for them and I would appreciate it if you used my link so that I get credit for the sale.  You do not get charged more for the product, I make a percent of the sale!

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Here is how this works.  Click on the hyperlinked item to be put into the store.  Purchase that item and any other item that you want.  You will never see any kind of increase in your total because Amazon affiliates do not work that way.  Any other purchases that you make can be made by visiting and making any purchases there.