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Are you considering being a guest on Skilled Gentlemen Podcast?  This community is not built just by one person.  There are many different schools of thought and many different experts out there that can contribute to the show.  I would be honored for you to take the time to help contribute to the show through an interview.  I understand if you have some questions and some reservations about visiting a podcast and I hope to answer those questions below.  With that said, if you have questions that were not answered in this FAQ please email me (skilledgentlemen @ gmail dot com) or fill out the form below.

guest on skilled gentlemen podcast

What does it take to be a guest on SGP?

Being a guest on Skilled Gentlemen Podcast is a wonderful way to reach another group of listeners that are eager to learn and develop their own lives.  This community is a large group of people that are committed to being better men, husbands, dads, and sons.  I am looking for anyone that has expertise on any topics that relate to:

  • Being a man
  • Being a father
  • Tangible skills that you have
  • Life skills
  • Interesting experiences
  • Unique products
  • Anything else that might interest men

I would suggest that before you come onto the show as a guest that you listen to a show in which I do an interview.  You can find these shows at Guest Interviews.  As you can hear in the podcast episodes, the way that I interview someone is not so much of an interview as much as a discussion.

Do you edit your audio shows?

Yes I do.  I make errors and sometimes forget what I am trying to communicate so I trail off in my message.  Those deserve edits.  However, I do not edit in effort to change the message or the dialog of guests.

What do you require me to do as a interviewee?

I personally have a great deal of respect for the thousands of listeners that I have that listen to my show on a daily basis.  I respect them by giving them the best quality information that I can muster every time I produce a show.  As a guest on my show I do require a few things of you before you are a guest.

  • Provide quality information:

When you are watching television and a commercial comes on, you more than likely get up to grab a snack, visit the restroom, or even turn the channel.  The fact is that no one likes to hear advertisements go on forever.  I do not want our interview to be a 45 minute infomercial for your company.  You should be prepared to bring quality information to the show.  I encourage you and will give you ample time to speak about your business at the beginning and end.

  •  An invitation to come onto your show or a link:

Just as I brought you onto my show, I would enjoy some kind of promotion.  This can be in the form of a post on your website linking back to the show that we produced or an invitation to join you to your podcast.  Whatever the way this is done, I would appreciate it.

what do I need to send to be a guest on skilled gentlemen podcast?

1. Your Skype name:  I primarily use Skype to do interviews so I need yours to make the call.  If you do not have a Skype name follow this link and download it to your computer.  It is a free service.

2. A few questions: I will need a jumping point throughout the interview.  Understand that I may not get to all of the questions so make sure the first few are the main ones.  All I need is about 5-6 and really the idea is to help make things flow better.

3. Who are you:  I need to know what to say in the beginning of the show when I introduce you.  Please add this 3-4 sentence bio for me to read.

4. A picture:  Please add a picture of yourself or your business.  I have a picture for every post that I do and would like to continue the trend.  Please use one that you do not mind staying on the website.

Being a writer instead of a speaker should not deter you from reaching a new audience.  I accept guest blog entries or even a statement regarding a topic.  Let me know ahead of time to make sure it is appropriate for our main goal but in most cases I am sure your post will be okay.  Same goes for any videos that you would like to contribute.

Please enter your contact details and a short message below and I will try to answer your query as soon as possible.

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