fraternity of gentlemen

Fraternity Of Gentlemen


Welcome to the Fraternity of Gentlemen!  This is the premium membership program that is set forth to help pay for the costs of running Skilled Gentlemen Podcast.  In an effort to increase the quality of the show and to help compensate the podcast, you can…

Support Skilled Gentlemen Podcast for $0.30 an episode!

The Fraternity of Gentlemen is not just money being donated.  The membership program is an investment.  Unlike many membership programs associated with podcasts, you are going to get an immediate return of investment when you sign up.

What do you get by joining FOG?

In an effort to bring you a higher quality of membership I am constantly adding new benefits from being a member.  Currently, with a FOG membership you receive:

Special Podcasts that are not released to the public

I have spent extra time going through and picking out the best podcast interviews and asked them to come back on and share some of their insider information on their topic of expertise.  Included are:

  • John Frye: Podcasting and Social Media Tips And Secrets
  • Bob Mayne: Advanced Conceal Carry

Special Videos that are for members only

I have recorded videos that I will not be putting in front of the general subscribership.  These are expert level How-To videos where you can upgrade your house, life, and relationships by following my steps.  Included are:

  • How to increase followers, likes, and comments on Instagram
  • How to increase retweets and likes on Twitter
  • How to increase your likes on facebook
  • How to record a podcast the cheap way

Discounts to Online stores

I have emailed and negotiated some really awesome discounts to online stores that men want to buy from.  These stores are really unique and are excited to do business with you!  The participating online stores are:

Why do you want to be a member?

To some people, making a podcast is a simple thing to do.  The host will sit down and ramble on for a while and expect someone to enjoy the show.  This is far from what Skilled Gentlemen Podcast is about.  I have spent the past few years working to make sure that the last episode is better and more in depth than the last.  The subjects are not just a random assortment of topics that have nothing to do with the subscribership.  The topics are what men actually want to hear and know more about.  It also takes on average around 3 hours to make a single podcast because of all the meticulous details that I add in to it.  It goes without saying that Skilled Gentlemen Podcast is a labor of love.

Your patronage wont just go toward some great scotch.  Your money will go toward upgrades to both the recording hardware and software, upgrades to the video equipment, website usage, and advertising.

How much does it cost to be a member of the Fraternity?

If you would like to join the Fraternity of Gentlemen the cost of membership is $30.00 US per year!    This means that if you listen to an episode of Skilled Gentlemen Podcast and feel like you gained $0.30 cents of entertaining information, then you should consider joining.

If you are a public service member (Firefighter, Medic, Police, Military) please email me with “Service Member” for the subject and I will email you with a special service member discount code.  In the email, tell me a little about your service.

How do I sign up for the membership program?

I put together a simple video of what you should see and what it means when you sign up.




Any questions that you have about the membership or donations, please email me at with the subject being FOG Questions.