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  • February 25, 2018, 07:38:05 PM
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It still has that "new forum" smell!

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 on: July 11, 2017, 12:34:56 PM 
Started by Clay - Last post by Clay
Original Episode -

Questions to ask yourself:
How active am I?
How often do I exercise?
How much time do I spend at work?
The time spent at work is the time you have to trust that your dog isn't tornadoing itself through the house
Do I have things that dogs cannot get onto?
Do I have things that will upset me if a dog destroys?
How patient am I?
Lets face it
Some dogs are smarter than others
Where do I live?
Dog friendly area
So that you can take them with you in some places
House or apartment
Larger breeds annoy neighbors when they run across the floor
I was able to hear a teacup poodle run across the floor in our apartment
This little 2 oz fluff ball stampeding through the house
Land or no land
Can the dog run around outside
How much noise am I going to be able to handle?
My beagle can be a bit mouthy when he is in the mood
My german shepherd, on the other hand, only barks when she is being defensive
How clean do I usually keep my living space?
My shepherd will cover the floor in fur when she is blowing her coat
How much money can I afford to spend on the dog?
Larger breeds eat more than smaller ones do

Breed Types
Labrador retriever
Friendly and outgoing
Plays well with others
Very active
High spirited kind of dog
Seasonal shedding
Occasional grooming
Eager to please when training
Barks when necessary

German Shepherd
Courageous and steady
Very active
Born to work
Mine works at getting pets
Also keeps the beagle in check
Watches over my homestead when we are out working
Regular physical exercise
Great with children
Okay with other dogs
Mine does not like other female dogs
Instead of trying to break her of this bad habit
We just keep her separated from them
Frequent shedding
Eager to learn new things
Only really barks when necessary

Golden retriever
Devoted to their pack
Or family
Great with children
Great with other dogs
Seasonal shedding
Occasional grooming
Eager to be trained
Barks only when necessary

Not very active
They do enjoy regular walks
Great with children and other dogs
Seasonal shedding
Weekly grooming
Not really sure why though
They don't have very long hair
It is what the kennel club says though
They are a really good resource by the way
Responds well to training
Quiet dogs in general

easy going
Very active
Needs exercise
Good with other dogs and children
He is my hype man
When other dogs are running around talking trash about each other
He is the dog that bounces around barking like what a hype man would do
Seasonal shedding
Weekly grooming
Mainly toenails
That's more like monthly
Responds okay to training
Enjoys the treats
Likes to be vocal

French bulldog
Not very active
Easy going
Regular walks are best
Good with children
Supervision with other dogs
Occasional grooming
Responds well to training

Super smart
Enthusiastic walkers
Runners and swimmers
Enjoy keeping busy
Good with kids
Supervision with other dogs
Daily grooming
Lots of hair
Infrequent shedding
Eager to please in training
Barks really when necessary

Reserved with strangers
Affectionate and loyal with family
Needs at least 2 solid workouts daily
Really would like it if you came along
Supervision with kids and other dogs
Seasonal shedding
Occasional grooming
Responds well for training
Barks when necessary

Yorkshire terrier
If you are wondering why this is there
They are typically seen in purses
Hair clips and bows in their hair
I can see tomboyish being used when the dog is out playing in mud
Supervised visits with kids and other dogs
Infrequent shedding
Daily grooming
Long hair
Barks when necessary

One of my favorite breeds
Had a few when growing up
Fun loving
Sometimes bright
I've seen mine grit his teeth and run through an electric underground fence after a deer
Not so bright
Then sit on the other side of the fence until we came out to get him
Pretty smart
Active and loyal
Plenty of exercise
Great with children
Seen a child elbow deep in buster's through one time
Never bit the child
Supervision with other dogs
Buster didn't like other dogs
Seasonal shedding
Occasional grooming
Mine never saw a grooming table
Okay with training
Barks when necessary

How to find responsible breeder:
Visit a dog show and see which breeders are there
Look through the AKC Marketplace to find some good breeders there
Go to the breeders home or kennel and ask to see at least one of the puppies parents
Don't be put off if a breeder isn't immediately responsive
They often have full time jobs
Sometimes don't have available puppies for sale
They should be knowledgeable
Trust your gut with these people
Observe the premises
Clean area
Odor free
Puppies should be:
Well fed
How do they interact with the breeder
Scared or happy to see them
Puppy health issues
Breeder should be knowledgeable about breed health issues
Breeders should be willing to share proof of health screenings
They should be willing to answer any questions you have about the puppy or facility
If they are well taken care of, they will be proud of their space and their work

Resources for information:
American Kennel Club -
AKC - Breeders -

 on: June 09, 2017, 08:49:41 AM 
Started by Clay - Last post by Clay
There wont be any notes to show for the actual content.  I have lost those notes to poor note taking back in 2015.

Brewing your own beer is an amazing way to learn more about
And also, beer
It is not as hard as some people make it out to be
If you are interested in learning how to brew your own beer, you have found the right place to start
From a beginners stand point
From picking out your kit to the finished product
Im going to teach you how easy it is
All men have hobbies
One of the best hobbies that I have found is the ones where something is made
Somethign that can be consumed
Something that has history, math, sience, and biology all mixed into something fun
And most men enjoy beer
It does help when the beer is
Cheaper than most kinds you can buy
Better tasting than the ones you buy at the same cost
Where we get in trouble with beer brewing is when we make the mistake of making the process hard to undersand
Im not gooing to do that today
I know some of you more experianced folks out there are going to cringe when I say this
Your spicitif gravity does not matter when you use a kit
It really doesn't
I didn't take one for the first hand full of brews that i did
So sit back
Enjoy the podcast
Learn something new
If you have any questions about brewing beer
Videos and other podcasts available
Find them on the forum
Before we get into this
Quick word about helping the show out
When we get back
Why was beer such a large part in history
How my past brew day went
Basics of brewing
Basic equipment needed to start yourself
Some cool equipment you can build to aid your brewing

 on: June 07, 2017, 10:09:14 AM 
Started by Clay - Last post by Clay
I am working on a better way to format these notes.  I am having a problem with not having them look like bullet points. 

We have all had that horrible first date
Nothing goes as planned
Date is late
The restaurant is closed
It rained and completely blew the plan you had
Even if the date goes good, you have to do it all over again for date number 2
Working towards a possible eventuality that you want
It does seem like some of us just can't win
So I am going to go through a few ideas that I have for you
And give you a gentleman's do and don'ts for the first date
This podcast is engineered to give you information that you need to have for a
Great life
Fulfilling job
Strong family
And as it relates to today’s podcast
A great first date
I am not the holder of all knowledge that is first date eddicuit
But I know how to keep one from imploding
Mainly because i had one
It went well
Had a few more
Those went well
Got married
Still have good dates
Even if you are married or in a fulfilling relationship
You need to keep on your game
Keep the spark alive in the relationship
Because one of the reasons women leave their husbands
The spark died between them
Which sounds like a podcast episode
So even though the podcast is about first dates
You can find links between this advice and advice for the 50th date
And by the way
The topics that I am covering today
Probably have had a different spin on it earlier
Check out the tag cloud on the website
Great podcast episodes on attracting people to yourself
And keeping them there
Not in a serial killer kind of way
More like a “i am not being held here against my will” kind of way
But before I dive into the secret abyss that is a superb first date
A word from our 2 sponsors
When we get back
What needs to happen to pull off a first date
Common mistakes men make to not get a call back after that night
How to fix these mistakes
What are some clues that your date is having a good time
Different ideas for dates other than dinner and a movie
Holding a conversation with someone that doesn't start with “what do you do”
How to prepare for the second and subsequent dates
AD 1
What needs to happen to pull off a first date
First off, what is your intensions
Are you looking for a second date?
Remember, this is a podcast that can be listened to in the car with kids
Not going to get too graphic with this
Where did you meet your date at
A phone app for hookups only
Or actually wanting to have a relationship
If you aren't looking for more than a physical relationship
Which is not a bad thing in my book
To each their own
Just make sure that they know what your intentions are
And be clean about everything
Use the correct protection
And be a gentleman about your actions
Your date needs to get to know you
Don't be too open but also don't be sove up
I probably wouldnt talk too much about myself on one
Just enough to break the ice and to show who you really are
Common mistakes men make to not get a call back after that night
Too much fun at the bar
You have to know your limits
Don't be that guy that gets drunk the first date
Here is a good indicator for when you are drinking too much
Your out drinking your date
Or you start speaking another language that you haven't previously known
You are too intense
Which is code for you are creepy
Be cool about yourself and get to know them
Don't take things too serious
If your waiter is crappy, because we have all had those
Make excuses for them
It shows empathy
“It must be his first day”
“I must not have been clear about my order”
You look and or smell awful
So I was checking out another blog the other day
Found some literature on first date problems that didn't lead to a second date
Being inquisitive i decided to read further
This was one of the issues talked about
Make sure you smell good
Go back and listen to the podcast
A Gentleman's guide to Cologne
How to be more attractive
Both are excellent on not being gross
How to fix these mistakes
Be empathetic
Mentioned this earlier
Stands to be said again
Stay away from the typical alpha male crap
And be relaxed and enjoy the time spent together
This isnt just for when you are getting ignored by the waiter
Be enpathetic in your conversation
Hear what is being said
Don't just think about what you are going to say next
Go a step further
Try and feel what they are saying to you
For instance
Think to youself “if that was happening to me how would that make me feel”
Remember, it is easier to be interested than it is to be interesting
Choose the place for dinner wisely
So this is a big part of the date
You are face to face and enjoying a meal
Think about this
High scale resturant vs mcdonolds
If you took your date to these places
Which one would more likely get a call back?
Finding the right place
Ask yourself
What is the menu like
Uniquie or bar food
What is the aura like
If you put on a shirt and tie do you feel out of place
Is the decor warm and inviting or like you are in margaritaville?
What is the lighting like
Small intimate lighting to where the illumination is just on the people
Or government building flurasant lighting
Don't worry too much on price
Worry about wrather you are going to get a second date from your decision
Have a plan B
You don't want to get to that place and something goes wrong
4 hour waiting
Your date is allergic to 90% of the menu
Your date doesn't like that place
Or anything else that you might not see coming
My suggestion
Completely different menu than that one
Different aura
So if this one was really cozy and intimate
Go for one that isnt so intimate
Hopefully within walking distance
Or a short drive
Keep an eye out for her body language
I really should do a podcast on body language
In general, what is her body saying that she isnt
What are some clues that your date is having a good time
Her body language is a big one
Keep that in mind
She is out ordering you on drinks
She is struggling through the dinner
Or she is looking to drink for free
What is her face telling you
Is her mouth smiling or is her face
Look at her eyes
If they squint a bit when she smiles, it is genuine
Is she looking around
Finding a way out
Looking for the door
Is she positioned away from you?
If her body isnt facing you, she isnt as in to you as you think she might be
Different ideas for dates other than dinner and a movie
Movies are meant to be watched
That is why it is quiet
And you aren't facing each other
Go to a coffee shop
You don't have to drink coffee
This is a chance for you to talk
You are expected to order a cheap drink and sit for a while
This is unlike a bar or resturant
Go for a light run together
A great way to get to know each other before sitting down to a meal
I say light
As in minimal hills and at a slower pace
You want to have a conversation
Not a race
Go to an aquarium
Find something to do that encourages talking to each other
Holding a conversation with someone that doesn't start with “what do you do”
You are tyrying to stand out in this persons mind
Chances are, if they are attrative you aren't the only one they have been asked out by lately
How many times have they been asked about their job
Not saying you should stay away from that question
But there are other ones that are better
A list from stylecaster and Elite daily
Where are you from
Where did you go to school at
What do you like to do when you are not working
Do you like to travel, where have you been
Do you have any pets
If you won the lottery tonight what is the first thing you would buy
Do you cook
Do you have any plans for the rest of the week
What was your major in college, why did you pick that
Where would you like to live one day
When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried
And continue the conversation from what was answered
Don't be clunky with asking these
Let the questions and conversation flow
And a pro tip
If you are having the push the conversation and it isnt flowing really well
You might not be compatable with this person
How to prepare for the second and subsequent dates
You don't want to do the same dates over and over again
Mix it up a bit
Make things interesting
Also, don't sell a kidney to go out on the date
Cooking class
A exelent way to get to know someone
A challange to learn a new skill
A way to get their attention to your awesome skill
Cook for them
Bring them over to your place to cook for them
I have said it before
Women love men that can cook well
Wine tasting DIY
Get them to pick out their top 3 wines
You pick your top 3
Try each others wines to see what you think
Go to a trivia night
These are so much fun
Great way to find the information that you really should have forgotten
This will also make you think
How is it i forget where my keys are
But remember all of the smurf names
Yay brain power
Dating is a fickle thing
But you have to know
What you like
Who you like
What are deal breakers
And be up front with all of this
You don't want to get into a relationship with this person just to be let down later on
Be a gentleman about the entire thing
If you need tips about being a gentleman
You have the right podcast
Go back and listen to 15 chivous things you may not be doing
This will give you insite to
Opening the car door
Opening the doors for others
Calling instead of texting
Actually listening and engaging in conversation
Standing up for her
Buying her flowers
Keep your phone in your pocket
Holding the umbrella for her
Dress up for her
Learn about her
Never be late
Make sure she got home safe
Do not worry about her past
Do not play games
Be her gentleman, no one else’s
Remember, you are the person that they have decided to give their time to for a few hours
Make that time count
Be someone that is present during that time
Don't end up on some list or be the topic of her conversation with her girlfriends about how horrible the date went
The Date Report
Style Caster
Elite Daily
Podcast episodes:
15 Chivalrous Things You May Not Be Doing
A Gentleman's Guide to Cologne
How to be more Attractive

 on: June 02, 2017, 12:33:59 PM 
Started by Clay - Last post by Clay
So tell me, who is your James Bond? 

  • When a man thinks of the swave man of action that he wanted to be like as a child
  • He thinks of James Bond
  • 007 has stolen the imaginations of many boys and the admiration of many men since Dr. No in 1962
  • So what kind of swag does James Bond have that you don't?
  • Find out and how to be more like your favorite spy in today's podcast episode
  • This podcast is dedicated to the men that are trying to be better in life
  • /And not just putting up a front
  • Really doing the work needed to be that guy that does everything right
  • Speaking of which
  • James Bond has been a cornerstone of cinema magic ever since sean connery got up and gave his famous one liners like
  • /Miss Moneypenny: You've never taken me to dinner... James Bond: I would, you know. Only "M" would have me court-martialed for... illegal use of government equipment.
  • And we will ignore the short time that george lazenby was there
  • /I'm not sure who they were following around with cameras
  • /Probably not 007 though
  • /This bares the question now…
  • I want your answer somewhere
  • Facebook page
  • Forum
  • I don't care
  • Who is your bond
  • When you hear James Bond, who do you immediately think of
  • /For me it is pierce brosnan
  • /That is who i grew up watching
  • What boy hasn't walked out of the movie theater thinking to himself
  • /I want to be just like james bond
  • /As a reminder
  • I am posting all of my show notes in the forum
  • Stop by and check them out if you need a quick view on what I said
  • While you're there
  • Membership
  • Pick username
  • Signup
  • Email me your username
  • I have gone through the internet and came up with my own ideas on the subject
  • But before we dive into James Bond attributes
  • A word from our sponsors
  • When we get back
  • What attributes are we more likely to emulate from James Bond
  • Why we even would want to be more like him
  • What goes into making your boyhood idol an image of yourself
  • When going through these attributes i wanted to slant them toward being a gentleman
  • I really see James Bond being a gentleman at heart
  • So you probably won't see too much about being able to do driving stunts and being able to hold your breath for an eternity
  • Be swave
  • In other words, have some class about you
  • You don't have to live the finer things, as long as you understand when they are applicable
  • I enjoy a good scotch
  • I know what a good scotch is
  • I also drink beer
  • Cheaper and easier to find
  • You know how to hold a martini glass as well as a beer mug
  • You aren't awkward in a fancy situation
  • You can hold your own and fit in at a gala
  • Right after you took off your oily overalls from changing your own oil
  • You can fit in with conversation
  • In other words, you don't talk about things you have no clue about
  • And when you find yourself in that situation, you can weasel your way into a topic you understand
  • Have a gentleman’s demeanor
  • He always says the right things at the right times
  • He is a gentleman in a rare form
  • Never forgets his manners
  • Basically what I have gone over in multiple podcasts
  • Be charming
  • Be chivalrous
  • Never let anyone see you sweat
  • Makes me think about skyfall when daniel craig was doing the scorpion drink
  • Scorpion on his hand
  • Picks up drink and drinks it
  • Finishes it
  • Flicks off scorpion
  • Flips glass over it
  • Calm as a cucumber
  • I don't expect anyone to really do this but you understand what I mean
  • He does not flinch for anything
  • He seems to expect everything
  • So having a calm demeanor to 99% of what life throws at you is a great attribute to have
  • Have a backup plan
  • No matter what it is
  • Different route to the store
  • Different store
  • Different vacation spot
  • Different meal decisions
  • This makes me think of how chess works
  • I am trying to check your king
  • I also have to think about your moves
  • So my strategy has to be able to change
  • Know your audience
  • Bond never steps into a room of people and stands out
  • He knows what he is going to get into before it happens
  • We can do the same by a bit of research before we get there
  • Know the parking lots before you drive up to them so you show that you know what you are doing
  • Google maps
  • Know the people you are going to be talking to
  • Is it a gala that you are going to
  • What do people talk about in them
  • How to dress
  • You might benefit by doing some phone calling early
  • Don't let emotion drive your decisions
  • This is a sign of his intelligence
  • Let your principles do most of your decision making for you
  • We have talked about these in the past
  • Go back and listen to some of them
  • Or make your own
  • Dress for success
  • Women are attracted to men that can dress themselves
  • Not like a circus tent
  • Think of how nice 007s suits fit him
  • This is apart of his swag
  • Fitted shirts, ironed clothes, polished or clean shoes
  • I've done previous podcasts on this before
  • Search out the fashion tag on the website
  • It has many episodes that talk about men's fashion and how to not look like a neanderthal
  • Understand your body language
  • James bond’s body language shows power and poise
  • Maybe i should do a show about body language and what it shows
  • But a man that shows a powerful and confident body language
  • More attractive
  • More likely to get results
  • His voice
  • You can hear your bonds voice when you think about it
  • James, james bond
  • English accent
  • More importantly, deep and masculine
  • Work on developing your voice and your vocabulary
  • Learn to think with some wit about you
  • Not to the offensive amount but to the point where it has some sharp edge to it
  • And just like turning it on, you have to be able to turn it off
  • And know when to do so
  • You sound better which portrays power and elegance
  • He thinks multiple steps ahead
  • In other words, he plays chess instead of checkers
  • This action leads to this response which leads to this action
  • Start thinking multiple steps ahead of yourself
  • Pick up playing chess
  • You might not want to tell everyone about this
  • Some really hate admitting their chess playing
  • I love chess
  • Horrible at it but still enjoy it
  • If you are interested in playing against me in chess
  • I use the app New Chess With Friends
  • Email me and I will tell you how to find me
  • This trains you to think multiple steps ahead of your opponent
  • Otherwise you loose
  • Think on your feet
  • You have to be able to think quick if you are in the middle of a battle and something changes
  • Or if you are trying to get to your destination and the route is blocked
  • Be charming
  • What makes people tick
  • Being able to read between the lines with what is being said to you
  • Understanding their body language
  • You are able to figure out what this other person likes and doesn't like
  • Focusing on what they do like
  • Can you tell a story
  • While you are focusing on what they do like to talk about and hear about
  • Can you tell a story about your experience
  • Do you have and experience
  • Using the right verbs and describing something more than the words “good” and “very good”
  • Keep people from being bored
  • How far can to take a conversation
  • We all know when the conversation fizzles
  • Are you able to see that coming and move to another topic before your bond breaks?
  • Know when and where to relax
  • It seems that after each episode he is on a needed vacation
  • It is always on a beautiful beach or on the slopes of somewhere i've never heard of
  • You don't have to shell out your life’s savings for one
  • You can find the best places by being a traveler in your own area
  • Find the best spots to relax
  • Or the quietest
  • Know where the best spots are and utilize them when you need to
  • Also take someone that will enjoy it with you
  • Be able to take care of yourself
  • Can you defend yourself
  • Are you fit enough to fight someone if you need to
  • Can you fight someone if you need to
  • If you say no to these
  • I should have to tell you how to change that
  • Keep up with the times
  • Know what is going on outside of your household
  • Read articles
  • What is going on around you
  • In the world
  • Know where your articles are coming from
  • Media sources that you trust
  • Like SGP
  • I try not to steer you wrong
  • Develop a taste for good stuff
  • I don't believe i have seen bond eating big macs or macaroni
  • As a matter of fact
  • Every man that I have ever looked up to in movies
  • Can cook
  • Knows their way around the kitchen
  • Without cookbooks
  • Shows they cook often
  • Has their signature dish
  • Does not have to ask questions at fancy restaurants
  • Do keep in mind that we are pulling from the better qualities
  • Bond makes love a game
  • It is most definitely not
  • Be clear about your intentions with people so that feelings are not developed under misinterpreted rules
  • This started out to be fun but has really changed into what gentlemen should really act like in real life
  • These are not bad qualities to have
  • If you need a refresher on these
  • Join the forum
  • Go back and listen to them again

I Am Michael Riley
Break Bang
Wiki How


 on: May 31, 2017, 08:51:23 AM 
Started by Clay - Last post by Clay
I was asked by a listener to list out the items that I mentioned for the documentation package podcast episode.  That sounded like a really good idea, so I will post it here for everyone to see.  If you have anything else that you think should belong in a documentation package, post below.

Places to Bug out to:
  • nearby hotels (pet friendly if you have pets)
  • friends and family you have spoken to about staying with them
  • Phone numbers and addresses to these locations
  • directions to get to these locations

  • Phone numbers and addresses (go through your cell phone list
  • Local services (plumbers, electrictions, tree services, fire department, ems, police, sheriff dept, cab companies, auto shops, tow trucks)
  • Laywers (different studies)
  • Poison Control
  • Chem Trec
  • Call tree (phone numbers of people to call if something has happened- Parents, supervisors, etc.)
  • Phone numbers and address to places you normally visit

Medical Information:
  • My Information - Spouse Information - Children's information
  • /bloodtype
  • /medications currently taking
  • /allergies (food and medicine related)
  • /medical history
  • /Doctors Phone number

Misc Information: -ENCRYPTION- see below for more information in encryption
  • Insurance
  • /medical (group id and member id
  • /dental
  • /vision
  • /house
  • /vehicle
  • Bank Information
  • /branch phone number and address
  • /credit and credit card numbers (security and experationi dates)
  • /bank account and routing numbers
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Any other numbers that you might not remember
  • vehicle vin numbers
  • drivers license numbers
  • passport numbers

  • bug out location addresses
  • routes to locations (x3)
  • maps of these routes
  • checkpoints along the way to meet up at if seperated

This might be hard to explain over text but I am going to try.  If you are having a hard time understanding, I explain it at the 24 minuite mark of the episode

FIrst way is by having a few numbers either + or - from the original.  So lets say that your number is 15924 and you put a +1 encryption on it.  Your new number is 26035.  You do the same for every number you have and by subtracting 1 from every number you are back to your original.  You can scale up or down depending on your level of comfort.

Second way is by adding numbers to the beginning and end.  Again, your number is 15924.  So you add 351159248654.  If you are paying attention you will notice that the numbers on the end represent how many numbers you should count inward to find your original number to begin with.  So with a long number like that we can go deeper and add in some special characters to make it really jumbled up.  3/511-59'2-486/54 looks like something that would be hard to break.  Just omit the special characters and go along like you normally would with your encryption.
Putting social security numbers and credit card numbers down in the same place is dangerous.  You are doing this out of your own risk!  I am not liable for anything that happens to these numbers.

I hope this helps.  Again, if you know of any other number that you would add or have any questions about this, please comment below.

 on: May 30, 2017, 10:42:40 AM 
Started by Clay - Last post by Clay
I cannot currently leave the immediate sign up on.  This leaves me to personally manage ALL of the posts that could come up.  I have been burned in the past doing this because spammers will show up and screw everything up for us.  So this is a very simple set of directions that you need to complete to be a member of the forum.

1) Decide on your username and your password
2) Send me an email with just your username
My email address is
Use the subject line "Skilled Gentlemen Podcast Forum"
3) Give me some time to work on this.  I have to log into my admin account and manually approve.  I am not at my computer at all times so it may be a day or so.  If you haven't gotten a message from me by then, send me another email.

Thank you for understanding this.  I am trying to make this area safe from spam and possibly infectious links that can screw up your computer.  I have done a podcast episode on this kind of stuff.  Listen to Keeping Yourself Safe Online ( if you are having a hard time understanding why this matters.

 on: May 30, 2017, 09:58:04 AM 
Started by Clay - Last post by Clay

I know that memorial day has passed, however it felt I needed to get this information out for everyone to hear.  I have decided to make this a reoccuring podcast episode every year.  This will be like the other major holiday episodes that have become a tradition to hear. 

Again, thank you to all that have served in the military.  If you have forgotten, I do have a special discount code for you to get into the Fraternity of Gentlemen.  Just email me a quick description about your military career and I will send you the discount code.  Do this before you sign up.  Otherwise it will be a pain to adjust everything out.

-Shownotes for today's episode-

Even though the show is a day late
I still wanted to play an episode that I created called the meaning of memorial day
No or advertisements today, just some work that I have done to show my appreciation for the service members that my voice and message gets to
Thank you for listening and thank you for your service
Typically celebrated on the last Monday of May
We turn our efforts to parties
holiday pay for those fortunately enough to receive it
Pool openings
And the first day of summer for those that don't really follow the calendar very much
Sometimes I feel that we overlook the true meaning of the holiday that we are enjoying
That is the effort of the podcast today
Memorial day and its true meaning
It is a day that we set aside and remember our fallen soldiers
And appreciate their sacrifice they made for the freedoms that we enjoy today
We also stand beside our current soldiers and thank them for their service
I personally do not agree with much that the government does or is about
They step on the throats of many to serve the wants of a few
They constantly misinterpreted information that is meant to be for good
And completely break down the rights that our forefathers envisioned us having
Even though I despise the government of the United States of America
I do not feel that the US government is a representation of its people
America is a group of people that stand together when times are tough
That when it is needed, we throw away our differences and do what is right
For the people that have served in the nation's military
I thank you for your service
You are the ones that protect my way of life
You are the ones that make me feel safe when wars are being fought around the world
You are the ones that stand directly in front of opposition while my family stands behind you
I feel that it is imperative that we not only remember our soldiers
But we remember the families of soldiers
The emotional stress that they feel when they know their loved ones are being put in harm's way
Missing holidays and events because they are away in other countries
I thank you for being there when soldiers come home
Being the shoulder to cry on when reality hits them
Or when they need someone to talk to without being judged
I thank you because you are the structure that holds them up
So to everyone that hears this message today
While grilling up some meat on the grill
Opening up the swimming pool
Enjoying some fermented beverages
Laughing and shooting fireworks
All of these are wonderful ways to celebrate the holiday
But it is not the only way that you should celebrate it
Remember what the holiday is actually meant for
Please find a way to thank a member of the armed forces
Both active and retired
If you see them in the coffee line
Pay for their cup
If you see them walking around
Walk up and tell them, thank you for your service
If you know of a family member that has been effected by a death of their service member
Find a way to help them out
Plan a project day
Cook them a meal
Invite them over for the afternoon just to talk
Find some way to show your appreciation for a group of people that have stood between your family and yourself and someone that wants to harm or kill you
And also a group of people that are direct emotional support for their soldiers
So for what it is worth
To anyone that is listening that has served in the armed forces
I thank you for your service
I will do what I can to serve you just as much as you have served me

 on: April 26, 2017, 08:37:27 AM 
Started by Dan - Last post by Clay
In my opinion... whatever that is worth... having a fighting spirit is good to have.  I am not always on point with my defense.  I might leave my gun in the other room once or twice or not able to carry it in somewhere with me because of what I am wearing.  I abide by this idea...

I dont need a gun to be able to throw something at someone.  I can fight, throw something, use something as a cutting utensil, but more importantly run and avoid.

Also, I like to imagine that I look like james bond when I lean up against a bar like that.

 on: April 26, 2017, 08:30:21 AM 
Started by Bryan - Last post by Clay
I really like the shield.  Highly recommend this gun to anyone that is interested in conceal carry.

When I was looking for a conceal carry, after months of research and holding the guns, it came down to the shield and a rugar LCP.  There were two reasons why I went with the shield over all the other guns available. 

1) The gun came with a magazine that was extended.  I dont like my pinkie hanging off the end of the gun.  That just feels weird. 
2) The trigger pull was longer on the Rugar.  I liked how the shield was on point and quick with the trigger.

I really dont have any bad things to say about it.  The holster that I have for it could be better but as far as the gun, I am happy with it.  Let me know what you get.

 on: April 26, 2017, 08:25:42 AM 
Started by Clay - Last post by Clay
What would you suggest as a good product? 

I am personally considering going to straight razor.  My grandfather used to use one and I really would love to bring back that tradition in my own home. 

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