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Author Topic: How to find the right dog - SHOWNOTES  (Read 205 times)


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How to find the right dog - SHOWNOTES
« on: July 11, 2017, 12:34:56 PM »

Original Episode -

Questions to ask yourself:
How active am I?
How often do I exercise?
How much time do I spend at work?
The time spent at work is the time you have to trust that your dog isn't tornadoing itself through the house
Do I have things that dogs cannot get onto?
Do I have things that will upset me if a dog destroys?
How patient am I?
Lets face it
Some dogs are smarter than others
Where do I live?
Dog friendly area
So that you can take them with you in some places
House or apartment
Larger breeds annoy neighbors when they run across the floor
I was able to hear a teacup poodle run across the floor in our apartment
This little 2 oz fluff ball stampeding through the house
Land or no land
Can the dog run around outside
How much noise am I going to be able to handle?
My beagle can be a bit mouthy when he is in the mood
My german shepherd, on the other hand, only barks when she is being defensive
How clean do I usually keep my living space?
My shepherd will cover the floor in fur when she is blowing her coat
How much money can I afford to spend on the dog?
Larger breeds eat more than smaller ones do

Breed Types
Labrador retriever
Friendly and outgoing
Plays well with others
Very active
High spirited kind of dog
Seasonal shedding
Occasional grooming
Eager to please when training
Barks when necessary

German Shepherd
Courageous and steady
Very active
Born to work
Mine works at getting pets
Also keeps the beagle in check
Watches over my homestead when we are out working
Regular physical exercise
Great with children
Okay with other dogs
Mine does not like other female dogs
Instead of trying to break her of this bad habit
We just keep her separated from them
Frequent shedding
Eager to learn new things
Only really barks when necessary

Golden retriever
Devoted to their pack
Or family
Great with children
Great with other dogs
Seasonal shedding
Occasional grooming
Eager to be trained
Barks only when necessary

Not very active
They do enjoy regular walks
Great with children and other dogs
Seasonal shedding
Weekly grooming
Not really sure why though
They don't have very long hair
It is what the kennel club says though
They are a really good resource by the way
Responds well to training
Quiet dogs in general

easy going
Very active
Needs exercise
Good with other dogs and children
He is my hype man
When other dogs are running around talking trash about each other
He is the dog that bounces around barking like what a hype man would do
Seasonal shedding
Weekly grooming
Mainly toenails
That's more like monthly
Responds okay to training
Enjoys the treats
Likes to be vocal

French bulldog
Not very active
Easy going
Regular walks are best
Good with children
Supervision with other dogs
Occasional grooming
Responds well to training

Super smart
Enthusiastic walkers
Runners and swimmers
Enjoy keeping busy
Good with kids
Supervision with other dogs
Daily grooming
Lots of hair
Infrequent shedding
Eager to please in training
Barks really when necessary

Reserved with strangers
Affectionate and loyal with family
Needs at least 2 solid workouts daily
Really would like it if you came along
Supervision with kids and other dogs
Seasonal shedding
Occasional grooming
Responds well for training
Barks when necessary

Yorkshire terrier
If you are wondering why this is there
They are typically seen in purses
Hair clips and bows in their hair
I can see tomboyish being used when the dog is out playing in mud
Supervised visits with kids and other dogs
Infrequent shedding
Daily grooming
Long hair
Barks when necessary

One of my favorite breeds
Had a few when growing up
Fun loving
Sometimes bright
I've seen mine grit his teeth and run through an electric underground fence after a deer
Not so bright
Then sit on the other side of the fence until we came out to get him
Pretty smart
Active and loyal
Plenty of exercise
Great with children
Seen a child elbow deep in buster's through one time
Never bit the child
Supervision with other dogs
Buster didn't like other dogs
Seasonal shedding
Occasional grooming
Mine never saw a grooming table
Okay with training
Barks when necessary

How to find responsible breeder:
Visit a dog show and see which breeders are there
Look through the AKC Marketplace to find some good breeders there
Go to the breeders home or kennel and ask to see at least one of the puppies parents
Don't be put off if a breeder isn't immediately responsive
They often have full time jobs
Sometimes don't have available puppies for sale
They should be knowledgeable
Trust your gut with these people
Observe the premises
Clean area
Odor free
Puppies should be:
Well fed
How do they interact with the breeder
Scared or happy to see them
Puppy health issues
Breeder should be knowledgeable about breed health issues
Breeders should be willing to share proof of health screenings
They should be willing to answer any questions you have about the puppy or facility
If they are well taken care of, they will be proud of their space and their work

Resources for information:
American Kennel Club -
AKC - Breeders -