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  • February 25, 2018, 05:08:19 PM
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Author Topic: Documentation Packet List Checkoff  (Read 256 times)


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Documentation Packet List Checkoff
« on: May 31, 2017, 08:51:23 AM »

I was asked by a listener to list out the items that I mentioned for the documentation package podcast episode.  That sounded like a really good idea, so I will post it here for everyone to see.  If you have anything else that you think should belong in a documentation package, post below.

Places to Bug out to:
  • nearby hotels (pet friendly if you have pets)
  • friends and family you have spoken to about staying with them
  • Phone numbers and addresses to these locations
  • directions to get to these locations

  • Phone numbers and addresses (go through your cell phone list
  • Local services (plumbers, electrictions, tree services, fire department, ems, police, sheriff dept, cab companies, auto shops, tow trucks)
  • Laywers (different studies)
  • Poison Control
  • Chem Trec
  • Call tree (phone numbers of people to call if something has happened- Parents, supervisors, etc.)
  • Phone numbers and address to places you normally visit

Medical Information:
  • My Information - Spouse Information - Children's information
  • /bloodtype
  • /medications currently taking
  • /allergies (food and medicine related)
  • /medical history
  • /Doctors Phone number

Misc Information: -ENCRYPTION- see below for more information in encryption
  • Insurance
  • /medical (group id and member id
  • /dental
  • /vision
  • /house
  • /vehicle
  • Bank Information
  • /branch phone number and address
  • /credit and credit card numbers (security and experationi dates)
  • /bank account and routing numbers
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Any other numbers that you might not remember
  • vehicle vin numbers
  • drivers license numbers
  • passport numbers

  • bug out location addresses
  • routes to locations (x3)
  • maps of these routes
  • checkpoints along the way to meet up at if seperated

This might be hard to explain over text but I am going to try.  If you are having a hard time understanding, I explain it at the 24 minuite mark of the episode

FIrst way is by having a few numbers either + or - from the original.  So lets say that your number is 15924 and you put a +1 encryption on it.  Your new number is 26035.  You do the same for every number you have and by subtracting 1 from every number you are back to your original.  You can scale up or down depending on your level of comfort.

Second way is by adding numbers to the beginning and end.  Again, your number is 15924.  So you add 351159248654.  If you are paying attention you will notice that the numbers on the end represent how many numbers you should count inward to find your original number to begin with.  So with a long number like that we can go deeper and add in some special characters to make it really jumbled up.  3/511-59'2-486/54 looks like something that would be hard to break.  Just omit the special characters and go along like you normally would with your encryption.
Putting social security numbers and credit card numbers down in the same place is dangerous.  You are doing this out of your own risk!  I am not liable for anything that happens to these numbers.

I hope this helps.  Again, if you know of any other number that you would add or have any questions about this, please comment below.