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newsletterThank you for signing up for the newsletter!  There are a few things that you should know concerning your email address submission:

  • Im not going to sell your email address
  • My newsletters will not spam up your inbox
  • I will try to get out a monthly letter however there is a lot to do around here
  • This is a great way to get in touch with you if something happens over here and I cant post

There is a purpose to the newsletter, just for your information.  The newsletter allows you to stay in contact with the show.  Let’s say that I had a tip that I wanted to pass along to you or a heads up on a change.  Now that I have the ability to show up in your inbox in the form of a newsletter, I can keep you up to date.

what all do I get with the newsletter?

First, you get the regularly scheduled newsletter in which  you find:

  • upcoming shows for the month
  • what is new on the homestead
  • any changes that is occurring
  • any noteworthy items that I find fit to talk about
  • a chance to see into my life

It is like being able to get excited for what is to come for the next month in podcasts, but not having to wonder what the topics are.

The other ways that I utilize the newsletter is by sending out tips, as I come across them.  Understand that I am not able to make a show about every ounce of information I come across.  This is where the newsletter will come of use.

Speaking of tips, you can always call into the Skilled Gentlemen Podcast phone line at 201-614-gent and leave your tips.  These can be a tip about keeping your cast iron clean or how to effectively do a double back flip while putting both legs in your pants.

In other words, the Skilled Gentlemen Podcast Newsletter is the ticket to getting emails that you will not want to immediately delete.  This is a wealth of knowledge that you will be offered, at the least, once a month.  Since I have your attention for now, please check out the Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube pages.  They all are used differently and abundantly throughout the year.  Like, Subscribe, and Follow!


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