why people are afraid of survivalism

Why Are People Afraid of Survivalism – Throwback Episode

why people are afraid of survivalismWe hear a lot in the media about “that crazy survivalist” or “those paranoid preppers” ruining things for everyone and how they are some of the worst people.  Well if you can imagine, we are not that way.  However there is a since of fear that people have in their heads that we are crazy, eccentric, hermits that live in a bunker living on nothing but MREs.  That is not true for the majority of us, however there is a fear involved when people start talking about prepping.  When I get into a conversation with others about survivalism they always to their favorite excuses on why they are not into survivalism which includes prepping.

This is what I am discussing today.  Why are people so afraid of survivalism and then at the end I speak about quick and easy ways to get started with prepping.  To me survivalism is a word that I associate with responsibility.  Responsibility for my family and responsibility for myself.  Stop being so afraid and MAN UP!

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Why are people so afraid of Survivalism?

  • My thoughts about survivalism
  • Why I feel like there is a responsibility in prepping
  • The excuses I hear all the time in opposition toward survivalism
    • it takes too much money to prepare
    • too much time involved in prepping
    • it it is too much to think about in prepping
    • Someone else will help me if something goes wrong
    • Survivalists are paranoid

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