14 skills to teach your children

14 Skills to Teach your Children

14 skills to teach your childrenYour children are sponges for knowledge.  You have to teach them the skills that they will need to survive in the world.  Your children look to many different people for inspirations on how they should act.  Movie characters, people in music videos, YouTube creators, and anyone else that may catch their eye.  They see how the character acts and associates that with how they should act.  You, as a gentleman, should have already been teaching them before this happens.  A gentleman should always be a beacon of how to act in any situation.  You should be teaching your children the skills and concepts they need to be a gentleman themselves, no matter their gender.

Today’s podcast episode is about just that.  We dive into 14 different skills that you should teach your children.  These range from conceptual skills like spotting abusive relationships to hard skills like using a knife.

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What skills should you teach your children?

  • How to fish
  • Handling a gun
  • How to handle a knife
  • Driving skills
    • Outside of drivers ed class
  • How to treat someone of the opposite sex
  • The way money works
  • How to have ownership of their actions
  • When to buy quality and when to buy for a quick fix
  • Real defensive driving skills
  • Taking care of their bodies
  • How to swim
  • To be advocates for themselves
  • How to be self reliant
  • Speaking another language

Resources used in the show today are:

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