gardening like a gent

Gardening Like A Gent – Throwback

gardening like a gentDepending on who you talk to gardening can be an easy hobby to adopt or a burden that will haunt you.  To be honest, the pessimist that says that you will have to endure weed pulling, bugs, and failed crops probably never put a seed in dirt before.  Starting from and early age I have put germinated seeds and watched energy flow from seedling to vegetable and then back to seed.  My grandfather made it a point to show me how this works and made sure that I had the fire in my heart to be self sustaining in my gardening.  The benefits from gardening is very apparent in people that enjoy this hobby vs people that go to the grocery store, and that’s just my two cents!

With a little bit of help and a bit of guidance, you can enjoy an amazing garden this year.  Your family will be healthier and you will be happier with the amazing food you produce for yourself.

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How do I get started with Gardening?

  • How gardening is a complicated subject, not really
  • My hatred for Food Lion commercials
  • How Grocery stores make you believe how this is hard
  • Unspoken health benefits of gardening
  • The normal health benefits of gardening
  • How to start your venture in January
  • What to plant now
  • How easy it is to start
  • How to deal with no space

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