basics of companion planting

Basics of Companion Planting

basics of companion plantingIt is cold around here.  Looking across the landscape of frost and frozen trees makes me think about this years garden.  There is a practice that some gardeners use called companion planting.  This is the use of a plant to either work in harmony with another plant or to repel pests away from that plant.  There are a few rules that you should know about, but generally, it is an easy concept to grasp.  If you are a gardener, this is a show that you should really enjoy and get something out of.  If you are not, the use of companion planting will increase the health and vitality of the tress and shrubs that you have around the house.

Join me today as I speak about the use of companion planting and how it can be useful to your gardening efforts.

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What are the basics of Companion Planting?

  • Traditional garden versus companion planted garden scape
  • Top plants put into the garden and their best companions
  • What can further benefit your plants
  • Which plants should you avoid putting near each other
  • How to start your design
  • General upgrades that you should consider doing this year in your garden
  • My plan for this years harvest

During this show I used resources that were not my own.  Below are the websites that I pulled information off of:

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