Develop your Grit – Throwback

developing your gritYour grit is the only thing that stands between you and quitting when you have hit your limit.  You may be at rock bottom with no money and hungry and your grit will be there to keep you from complaining about it.  There are people out there that need people like us that have a developed grit to themselves.  As gentlemen we should be ever challenging ourselves and developing our toughness both mentally and physically.

The benefits of it greatly outnumber the reasons in which you shouldn’t.  Think about all the people in your life that you look up to.  The commonality of them all is how tough they are.  Join me today as I take you though a journey to develop your grit both mentally and physically to push yourself to be that gentleman that has it all together.

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  • Mental
    • Act like you are in control at all times
    • Put aside the things that you cannot control
    • See the past as training
    • Celebrate your friends accomplishments
    • Refuse to complain
    • Focus on impressing yourself
  • Physically
    • Run that extra mile
    • Cut on the cold water
    • Getting Fit
    • Embrace the cold/heat
    • Train like your life depends on it
    • Challenge yourself
  • Why this really matters
    • It could save your life
    • If you are in a disaster
    • Helps develop your passion
    • Helps you reach your goals
    • Consider your grit your special weapon


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