What is Grit

what is gritIf you ever wondered what grit was, just think about when times got hard for you.  You hit the wall but you had a little voice in the back of your mind.  That little voice that said “keep going, keep pushing”.  Grit is that drive that you feel when you wake up in the morning and your muscles are sore.  Your alarm clock is going off and it is super cold outside.  You want to hit the snooze button but that drive and tenacity that you have makes you get up and push forward for the day.  Your drive is important to your success in life.  You are not going to meet your goals and receive the accolades that you desperately want by not having the grit to keep you going during the hard times.

Today I am going to talk about what is grit and really dive into the percentages of success.  The quote goes that 80% of success is just showing up everyday and 20% is everything else.

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What is Grit?

  • How to find the book Grit from Angela Duckworth for a free listen
  • What is the 80% truly made up of
  • How to develop and achieve more grit in your life
  • What does the 20% mean to someone that is looking for it all
  • How to know when enough is enough

Not all of the content covered in the podcast episode today is my own.  Here are the resources that I pulled from.

I also mentioned the Scale that you should try for yourself.  You can find that by clicking here > Grit Scale

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