how and why gentlemen should cook

How to Cook Like a Gentleman Throwback Episode

how and why gentlemen should cookRegardless or not if you are married, dating, or single being able to cook is an attribute that everyone will appreciate.  You will be able to attract the heart of the person you like after they get over your physical appearance.  You can work toward your health goals by being able to cook.  If you want bigger muscles or less of a gut, you can find recipes that fit.  If you are married with kids and have little time to spare cooking, I am going to give you ways to address this problem.

Being a chef is not a hard skill to learn.  As long as you follow my tips and purchase the correct tools for this, you will be fine.  I have never tried to cook anything and regretted it.  This is a skill that will follow you for your entire life and can be used to impress at the house, at work, at parties, and anywhere else that food is made.  Sit back, get hungry, and learn ways to master that kitchen like a gentleman!

fraternity of gentlemen

How do you cook like a Gentleman?

  • General tips that all gentlemen should know
  • The tools of the trade
  • Principals for cooking
  • 3+1 recipes that you should know by hand
  • Why this matters to every gentleman regardless of your marital status
  • How this is an upgrade to your life
  • Money saving tips

Resources used in the making of the COOKING show:

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