ron swanson adding his principles into your life

Ron Swanson: Adding His Principles to your Life

ron swanson adding his principles into your life

Ron Swanson is a character in the show Parks and Recreation.  Swanson is the antithesis of what a man should be like.  He has an air about him that makes anyone that watches the show be more like him.  His principles are what guides him along his path to being a gentleman as such yours should.  Being a man of principle is not an easy task to accomplish, but Swanson does it well.

I am going to talk to you about how to be more like Ron Swanson.  Understand that I do not personally agree with everything that he does or is about.  I do want you to take away what you would like more of in your life and leave the rest.  Ron Swanson is a character in a show, not a real person.  Keep that in mind next time you are wanting to image your life around what he is doing.  These are mean to be suggestions, not hard absolutes.  As always, make sure you keep yourself grounded.

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What are the principles of Ron Swanson?

  • Diving into 15 principles that Ron Swanson holds dear
  • How we can actively put this into our lives
  • What is the pyramid of greatness
  • Holding this ideal in front of you and picking from the better of the principles

Resources used in the making of the show:

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