Addressing the SGP Nation

addressing the nationWe need to have a talk.  The way in which this podcast is changing is going to be a bit different than what you are used to.  This is why I am addressing the Skilled Gentlemen Podcast Nation.  These new programs that I am working out and going to mention in the show today are going to be great.  The whole idea is to push Skilled Gentlemen Podcast and more importantly, you, into better places in life.

Just so you understand, Skilled Gentlemen Podcast is not going anywhere.  We are going to stay on the air as long as you listen to the podcast.  There are many more topics that need to be covered.  Stay tuned for the podcast and you will get everything with the address to the SGP nation.

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What needs to be mentioned in this address to the SGP Nation?

  • What is the new program that I am rolling out
  • How is Big Oak Homestead coming along
  • What about that book you mentioned a long time ago
  • How is this going to affect Skilled Gentlemen Podcast

No resources were used in the creation of this podcast episode.

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