are you a soft man

Are you a soft man or a hard gentleman – Throwback Episode

are you a soft manI have been hearing a lot about men being soft here lately.  I sat down to do some research on this phenomenon and came back with the fact that men are becoming really soft.  There is that section of men in the world that have certain attributes about them and have no idea why no one wants to be around them.  People talk bad about them because they are not manning up and taking charge of their responsibilities.  Today’s show is an effort to bring light to this fact and hopefully encourage you to change this out of your life.  To make that effort to go from a soft man to a hard gentleman.  Not only do our families expect it but they deserve to have a hard gentleman in their lives.

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How soft are you?

  • Where I feel like this bashing came from
  • Why I didn’t like reading those posts
  • How can you define a soft man
  • My steps to becoming a hard gentleman
    • Stop Complaining so much
    • Follow through with your plans
    • Take your responsibilities to heart
    • Don’t be afraid of confrontation and don’t be a butt head
    • Get stuff done
  • How can our children learn from this list
  • You should make your own list

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