how to win state fair games

How to win state fair games – Throwback Episode

how to win state fair gamesIt is that time of year again where you go to the fair and eat food that you shouldn’t eat, ride rides that were trucked in last night, and play games that have been rigged for you to fail.  From the time you walk into the fair grounds and down the midway to the time you walk up to the carny game and pay money, you have been persuaded.  Or should I say that your kids have been persuaded to want the prizes.  Now it is up to you to win that coveted stuffed spongebob squarepants or the awesome over-sided bear they want.

If you are the kind of guy that looks at these games and says “I can win that, all you have to do is blank” you have already lost.  These games are rigged so that you will fail most of the times you play them.  When you loose, your manhood is questioned, you pay more money, the fair wins.  I am going to take you through some of these games and give you that winning edge that you need to win!

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How do you win state fair games?

  • How to beat
    • Ball toss into the basket
    • Loony Ladder
    • Machine Gun Star Shootout
    • Hammer Bell Ring
  • What games should you stay away from
    • Ring toss
    • Milk bottle knock over
    • Dart and balloons
    • Basketball shot

Resources used in the show today:

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