a gentlemans first date dos and don'ts

A Gentleman’s First Date Dos and Don’ts

a gentlemans first date dos and don'tsA Gentleman only has one chance to impress someone on their first date.  It is what happens and the overall feeling after that date, that decides if there is a second one.  There are some guidelines that you should follow and some land mines that you should avoid.  This podcast episode is perfect for the person that is going on that first date.  You want to be the best you that you can be.  With these tips, you are very likely going to get that second date!  This podcast is also perfect for the married guys out there.  We have to continue to date our spouses.

I am going through the secrets to the first date and what to do and not do.  These ideas are both from myself and from other blogs that I have found.  The major takeaway is that you should be upfront with your intentions.  Do not be that guy that gets in it for “love” and leaves the day after.

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How does a Gentleman handle a First Date?

  • What needs to happen to pull off a first date
  • Common mistakes men make to not get a call back after that night
  • How to fix these mistakes
  • What are some clues that your date is having a good time
  • Different ideas for dates other than dinner and a movie
  • Holding a conversation with someone that doesn’t start with “what do you do”
  • How to prepare for the second and subsequent dates

Resources used to make this episode:

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