how to be more like james bond

How to be more like James Bond

how to be more like james bondJames Bond has fascinated us since we were all little boys.  When you think about 007, you hear that distinct voice with all of the confidence in the world behind it.  You remember all of the action scenes where James Bond never broke a sweat.  What makes a man like this?  Which attributes does a man have to possess to be this cool and powerful?

I am going through all of the attributes that 007 has that makes him who he is.  There is a caveat at the end of the show that you should remember… Love is not to be played with.  James does have a nasty bit of history of playing around with love.  If you are going to take your bondness further than this podcast, make sure you are clear about your intentions!

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How can we be more like James Bond?

  • What attributes are we more likely to emulate from James Bond
  • Why we even would want to be more like him
  • What goes into making your boyhood idol an image of yourself

Resources used in the show:

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