The Meaning of Memorial Day

memorial day specialEven though yesterday was Memorial Day, I wanted to make sure that I took the opportunity to show my appreciation to our nations military. So today is a short show but meaningful one.  There are no advertisements nor is there music.  I didn’t want this episode to be about production-ship as much as it is for appreciation and call to action.

Remember the meaning behind Memorial Day!

So from the depths of my heart, I want to say thank you for everyone serving in the military.  I appreciate everything that you do for us.  You are the people that stand between us and people that want us dead.  The sacrifice that you make to be that person that protects me and my way of life is greatly appreciated.  

My challenge to you and anyone else that can hear my voice, I want you to find a way to show your appreciation.  Buy a cup of coffee for a soldier in line or thank them when you see them in public.  If you see them with their family make sure you take the time to thank them also.  They play a very important role in their lives as well.

Even if you are like me and despise our government and the way those clowns pretend to be in control; our soldiers still deserve our support.  They are the ones that truly do the work that the government will not do.  Even though there are problems with our leadership and you might have differing opinions about the USA, our soldiers should be honored today.

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