How to throw a Knife

throw a knifeThrowing a knife is a trick that we have all seen in the movies or on the stage of a show.  With great accuracy the person is able to whip the knife across the stage and hit the target.  No sweat on their part nor on the part of the “victim”.  How is this done?  More importantly, how can I learn how to do the same?  Think about how this skill was used in the wild back when Native Americans were trying to find a meal.  What about when the first cave men to go on the hunt knew about throwing a sharp rock?  This is a skill that will surly make you the “cool” dad at the camp site this year.

I am going to talk to you about starting up your hobby as a knife thrower.  Please understand that this is a dangerous skill to learn.  You are planing on throwing a sharp piece of metal at a target.  Use common sense to know what is around you and what you could be hitting.  This is not a skill that requires a lot of investment in your part but can really be a great teaching tool to your kids.

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How do you throw a knife?

  • How to get your target ready
  • What are the safety concerns of throwing a knife
  • Which knifes are the best for throwing
  • What technique should you use when starting out

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