keeping yourself safe online

Keeping Yourself Safe Online

keeping yourself safe onlineYour identity is at risk every single day from online predators.  From phising scams to social engineering the deck is stacked against you.  You might not be aware of how vulnerable you are to an online predator and how easy it is to steal your identity.  All it takes is clicking on the wrong link that could through your life into a spiral.  That is really all it takes.  Considering that someone like me, that doesn’t know a whole lot about it, can spend a few days learning about it.  Then build a website that looks similar to your banking institution and steal your identity and money is frighting.

This is the topic that I am going to cover with you today.  I am not trying to scare you by any means.  I am trying to giving you the power to do something about it.  You have the knowledge and wherewithal to make sound decisions, you just need a bit of a push to know what works and what doesn’t.  This episode reminds me of one that I posed years back called How To Be A Thief.  Check that one out to further your “in home security”.

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How do you keep yourself safe online?

  • How to spot a phishing scam
  • What are the most common ways identity is stolen
  • Spotting social engineering techniques to get your information
  • How to guard against online predators

References that were used in the making of the show.  I would advise that if you are worried about your online security, you should check out these resources.

how to be a thief

I mentioned this in the top portion of the post.  Make sure you check out this old show for content that never fails!

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