Dealing with Annoying Neighbors

dealing with annoying neighborsWe all have neighbors in some way or another.  What happens when these people are relentless with the noise or do not respect boundaries?  There are horror stories about bad neighbors everywhere online and it seems like everyone has a story to share.  Eventually you have to stop the situation and make life bearable.  Instead of dealing with annoying neighbors like a child, why not deal with them like a Gentleman?  There are so many ways that you can mess up your confrontation and I am going to help you from doing so.

I dive into the subject today of dealing with annoying neighbors.  I have lived near these insufferable people before.  It is not a walk in the park by no means.  You have to think “long term solutions” instead of short term retaliation.  There is also the question of when do you involve the home owners association or the authorities.  You don’t want to over react to these perceived besmirchment and with the advice that I give you today, you wont.

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How can we deal with annoying neighbors?

  • Assessing your issues with this other person
  • How you could be over reacting
  • When and when not to involve the government
  • What to do after confronting the neighbor
  • When you should consider moving
  • How to figure out if they are bad neighbors before you buy the place

References that I used in the making of the show today are:

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