A Gentleman’s Guide to Manscaping

manscapingManscaping is something that divides the manly community.  Do you shave your body like a naked mole rat?  Should you let yourself evolve into a walking/talking wookie from Star Wars?  The answer to that is extremely convoluted.  There really is no definite answer but more of a series of different opinions.  You have to take what you hear today and decide what works best for you.  Your body type, own personal style, and your swagger all are parts to your personality and should be considered while manscaping.

I have dredged through many articles and opinions to bring you this conclusion of ideas on the topic of manscaping.  Located deep within these articles are the opinions of many different women.  If you thought that your beard was going to be the topic of conversation and in vogue forever, you might be surprised!

big oak homestead

What should a Gentleman know about Manscaping?

  • Do women actually prefer hair or do they like smooth men
  • What is on the market to assist you with body hair removal
  • What is the going trend with beards and body hair
  • How do you take care of your beard
  • Pro Tips for body hair removal
  • My conclusion on my research

I mentioned a few products that you should consider while taming your own body hair.

First off is the clippers that I have used since I was 15 years old.  15 years later I am still using these.  Great quality and decent price for something that lasts that long.

Wahl Clippers– $23.99 on Amazon

Second is the back hair shaver that I bought.  I am not sure how well it works because it was missing a part.  This is a good concept though.  Men always have a hard time getting to the back hair.  This is a great tool to start with.

Back Shaver– $20.00 on Amazon

Resources used in the show today:

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