How to Increase Your Swagger – Throwback Episode

increase your swaggerAccording to the dictionary “swagger” means that you are aggressive and that you are arrogant.  I completely disagree in this completely, I know you are surprised.  Swagger in the terms that I use them in this podcast is the description of what you are about.  Your essence or your air about you.  This can be altered and changed to make yourself better or more attractive.  However, this goes well beyond the fact that you are trying to find someone to date.  

This goes into the world of business.  Do you think that having a low amount of confidence could cost you a promotion or even a job?  Of course!  When polled over a large group of women, what do they look for in a man, it came down to a list of qualities that have been transposed and explained on today’s podcast.  You all have these qualities inside of you, we are just going to work on pushing out the good parts of you.  Taking the good parts and accentuating them to be a better version of you.  Keep that drive alive inside you to own your swagger.

fraternity of gentlemen

How do you increase your swagger?

The references that were used in the show today:

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