Upgrading Your Home for Cheap

home projects for cheapYour home is your castle.  What happens when your home becomes boring to you?  Springtime is here and it is the time of year that projects start.  Why not spend some time and some money on your house.  You can increase the value and the way that you feel.  Not only that but your children can learn how to do some of these skills through your projects.  Some of my fondest memories were doing projects with my father and grandfather.  I learned a lot from their work.

I have gone through and found a verity of different projects that you can do.  No second mortgage or technical skills required to finish any of these projects.  As men we should be able to complete the smaller projects of this list.  As gentlemen we should be excited to learn how these are done.

big oak homestead

What projects can we do up upgrade our home for cheap?

  • The projects with the highest return on investment for resale value
  • How to sell your home quick and for asking
  • Getting upgrade inspiration
  • My dire warning to you hearted guys out there
  • Changing light fixtures
  • Adding Souround Sound
  • Altering the front yard
  • Chaning up the Family Room
  • Plants for the house
  • Kitchen Remodel
  • Wall art for everyone’s taste
  • How to save money with these projects

I put together a list of items that you can purchase from the amazon store that I have partnered with Bob Mayne from Today’s Survival Show.  Make sure that when you are purchasing your Amazon items you use our links.  This will help us out greatly without you spending any more money.

The book that you should consider buying when selling your home.  Get what you are asking for or even more!

Connectors for your surround sound system.

Wall Art Designs for your to hang up everywhere and show your Start Wars fandom!

Plants for the house that will purify your air for you while giving you something green to look at year round.

Resources used in the making of the show:

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