Getting Started in the Gym – Throwback Wednesday

getting started in the gymThe gym is a place where sweat and determination merge.  A place where men are made.  Getting started at the gym may be one of the hardest tasks to accomplish just behind staying at the gym.  But before we go to the gym we have to find one, or do we?  There are plenty of options to choose from when you are trying to find a way to do some strength training.  From finding the traditional place to workout to creating your own we discuss what to look for and how to build what you need.  

Just like with everything else we talk about on Skilled Gentlemen Podcast, everything fits together and cannot be separated out so easy.  If you want to fit into your old jeans or to look good at the beach you need to hit the trifecta.  You have to get in and workout, which is covered today.  You have to get in the kitchen, which you can find all about in the health tag.  Lastly you need sleep which will be covered soon enough.

fraternity of gentlemen

How do you get started in the gym?

  • How to find a gym
  • What to look for
  • Payment considerations
  • How to do your own gym
  • What a HIT program looks like

Earlier in the years of Skilled Gentlemen Podcast I have produced a lot of information that is valuable and can stand to be heard by new listeners and veteran listeners alike.  This is why I am enacting Throwback Wednesday.  You have the opportunity to hear an older episode modified to fit the new format for current podcasts.

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