Being in a “Ready” State

ready stateBeing in a state of readiness is something that most people are not.  Day to day goes by without there being any kind of issue.  This builds up normalcy bias and blinds the person of anything that could happen.  Then all of a sudden, just like in this picture, the stink hits the fan and you have to make decisions at a moments notice.  Are you prepared to make that kind of commitment?  Can your family count on you to make these decisions?  Be a man and stand up for your own responsibilities and get your family in a Ready state.

In this episode I give you tools to keep yourself in a Ready state.  These are projects and assignments that you can acomplish over the span of a weekend.  Also, these arent hard but will make you ready to deal with most anything that life can throw your way

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How do I keep myself and family in a Ready state?

  • What does it mean to be in a ready state
  • Why your family needs to be in a ready state
  • How to find what you are vulnerable to
  • Projects that you can do over the weekend to achieve this state
  • Emergency book
  • Go bags
  • Go Food
  • Alternative housing considerations
  • Keeping the car ready
  • Conclusion on the necessity of this

I mentioned in the show that I would provide extra podcast episodes for you to consider listening to.  This will help further explain my positions as it relates to being in a ready state.

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