Run Your Kitchen Like A Master Chef

master chefIt is no secret that food brings people together.  For centuries we have come together with food.  It makes sense that a Gentleman needs to be able to put something together that tastes good.  A chef is someone that can make cheap invariance taste like an expensive meal.  This means that you can do the same thing that a master chef does to make a great meal for your family.

I am going to give you a few secrets and ways to run your kitchen like a master chef.  Completely redoing the way that your family does meal time is hard to do.  You have to make the effort to do this because it does matter.  You have to be willing to sacrifice your time in an effort to bring the family together.  Being a chef is one way to slow the family down and get them away from their screens.  Take these skills and these suggestions to be that element of change in your own families life.  It is not hard.

big oak homestead

How do I run my kitchen like a master chef?

  • Use everything you buy
    • Can what you don’t use
  • Crockpots save the day
  • Plan your meals
  • Grow your own spices
  • Cook more than you need and save the rest
  • Stay away from junk
  • 10 affordable ways to make your food taste more expensive

Resources used in the show today:

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