6 Principles Every Gentleman Should Possess

6 principles every gentleman should possessPrinciples are tools people use for decision making.  We all have to have our own set of principles that fit our values and our own positions in life.  Your values may change in life depending on what you are going through however, your principles shouldn’t change as often. Principles are held deep within yourself and make up who you are as a person.  Setting yourself up with a strong set of principles will soon turn you from a man into a gentleman.

You have all the power in the world to start today to becoming a gentleman or by being a better one.  I mention in the show, and have made it my tag line, that you should be the gentleman your family wants you to be.  We can be better by developing or by holding closer to our own principles.  I asked Blake Hammerton of The Sharp Gentleman to come onto the show as a co-host.  You can find him through his social media accounts found hyper-linked below.  The Sharp Gentleman is a really great show and deserves your attention if you enjoy the kind of content you get here.

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What 6 principles should a Gentleman possess?

  • Extreme ownership in attitude & communication
  • Never Sloppy – appearance, environment, work ethic, convictions
  • Lifelong Learner – always looking to improve ones knowledge and skills
  • Being reliable – not just showing up, but participating
  • Disciplined – setting your goals and refusing to waver 
  • Decisive – making your mind up and sticking to your decision

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