Camping Like A Gentleman – Throwback Episode

camping like a gentlemanIf you have never been camping you have not lived yet.   Being outside for a full 24 hours or longer is intoxicating by itself.  You learn a lot about yourself and discover things that you have never known about yourself.  Camping is a learning experience for children by expanding their interests and their imaginations.  Going back to when my grandfather and father took me camping as a child brings back memories that I will never forget.  However there is a right and a wrong way to go camping.  

It does not take much to get your family out in the wilderness.  Sleeping under the stars and cooking by camp fire is something that dreams are made of.  All it takes is one well planned trip and you have a camper for life.  Conversely all it takes is one bad experience or a poorly planned trip for you to have a hard time getting your family to camp with you again.  Don’t be that guy that drags his family out into the woods and has to deal with their complaining because of your bad judgments.  Start slow and then work your way up to a harder camp trip.


big oak homestead

How can I go camping like a Gentleman?

  • Backyard camp
  • Beside the car camp
  • Backpacking camp
  • The basics of each
  • Tips about:
    • Fire
    • Food
    • Clothing
    • Misc
    • Activities

If you would like to hear Carl Sagan’s voice reading Pale Blue Dot click on the hyper-link.  Such a wonderful way to end a day of camping.

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