Caring For Your Knife

caring for your knifeA knife is one of the most well known tool that a gentleman can either use to cut down a sapling to saving their life in a disaster situation.  Every gentleman will wake up and put a knife in their pocket because things need to be cut during the day from a net to cover their flock of birds to defending themselves from a yeti attack.  There are a particular set of rules that everyone needs to know and understand about knifes before purchasing one and then caring for one when it is in their possession.  

That is what we are discussing today.  This topic was brought to you from the Facebook page, so if you have any ideas for shows, please comment in the Facebook page!  Understand that this is as much information that I could gather.  I would hope that if you have any other suggestions about this topic, take it to the forum.  We can always use expertise in this kind of topic.

big oak homestead

What should I be doing to care for my knife?

  • Different types of knifes and their purposes
  • How to clean and store knifes
  • Which knifes are tougher than others
  • What does it mean to “daily carry” a knife
  • Purposes of daily carry knifes
  • What kind does a firefighter carry in his pockets

During the show I talked about the coolest cutting board you have ever seen.  Check out this video!

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