A Practical Assessment on Prepping

piratical preppingPrepping is a word that has been drug down the road and turned into something not resembling what it actually means.  When you take a practical look at what it means to be a prepper you will see that it not what it is made out to be.  As a Gentleman you should be concerned with the safety and well being of your family.  By not just being a prepper, but being someone that is practical about their prepping, you are going to be able to see your family through tough times.

I dive into what it means to be a practical prepper by assessing the needs of what you should store and invest in.  You not only need items and commodities for a possible disaster, but if you are practical about it, for every day life.  The way that I do my prepping is making sure that whatever I invest in, I can use on a day to day basis.  By me looking at my prepping in a practical way, I am able to justify my purchases and even save money on those purchases.  That is the manly thing to do.

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What elements of prepping are we going to assess in a practical manner?

  • Why it matters to practically assess prepping
  • Food Storage
  • Fuel Storage
  • Bug out Bag
  • Solar Energy investments

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