How To Save Your Marriage

save your marriageNot every marriage lasts the lifetime that both people expected it to last for.  There are always great intentions to have a wonderful and fulfilling life together the day that the vows are exchanged.  However, the fairy tell ends months after the commitment is made when expectations are not being met.  This has the possibility to end the marriage and make life hard on everyone.  Divorce does not just effect the people that were married, but anyone else that was involved with the family.  Would it not be easier and better for both parties to know how to save the marriage before it becomes an issue?

I am not the beacon of perfect marriage by any means.  My name has been associated with hard headed and no filter many of times.  It takes a strong woman to deal with me sometimes.  It has been the work that my wife and I have diligently done to establish a relationship that can handle both of us.  Time and effort has to go into making a relationship work.  That is why I am bringing you ways to save your marriage, even if it is not on the rocks!

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What are ways that I can save my marriage?

  • Warning signs of an impending divorce
  • How to save the marriage before it tanks
  • What you did wrong to achieve the failure
  • How to make the marriage fulfilling and wonderful for both of you

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2 responses to “How To Save Your Marriage

  1. Loved it!

    I’m glad the wine idea worked out well, my friend. Whatever I can do to add value to you, your relationships, and your listeners, I’m always available!

    Carry on, Clay!

  2. Thanks buddy!

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