How to be a Smart Gentleman

smart gentlemanBeing smart is something that most want to be.  Not only is it attractive to others but it affords you opportunities that you otherwise wouldn’t get.  By employing the tips that I have pulled from around the internet, you can start working your way to be a smarter individual.  There is no way for me to measure how being smart will impact your future life.  However, I can say that being a smart person is a more fulfilling life with better experiences and opportunities.  Ones that many would not have enjoined if they had not took the time to work on their intelligence level.

I used not just a group of great resources online, but my own experiences in how I have developed myself.  Be the Gentleman that can hold a conversation with someone and it not be about yourself.  You will quickly realize that there is a big world out there with really smart people in it.  Those conversations that you have with someone about their experiences and their life can change your opinions.  I know they have for me.

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How can you do to be a smart gentleman?

  • Managing online time through podcasts and articles
  • Write everything down
  • Surround yourself with smart people
  • Learn random knowledge
  • Travel
  • Foster creativity
  • Detox from an online life
  • Keep your mouth shut and listen

Links I talked about in the show today:

Resources I used in the creation of the show:

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