What is your Legacy? – Throwback Episode

legacyTo leave a legacy is to leave monetary value to your loved ones or in the case of some people that are forgetful, past loved ones.  My challenge to you today is to look at a legacy is more than monetary but just as valuable or even more.  To be honest, my grandfather that died a few years ago left me nothing.  Not a penny was given to me, however he bestowed knowledge and influence that will last longer than any money being past down.  Today is going to be a topic on what are you going to leave behind to your family and friends outside of money.

big oak homestead

What is your legacy?

  • What is a legacy and how are we going to define it
  • What are ways to develop your own legacy
  • Can you change the path that you lead
  • How your actions today may effect your life later
  • Developing the stories your friends will talk about for years to come

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