what burglars dont want you to know

What Burglars Dont Want You To Know – Throwback

what burglars dont want you to knowEvery year 2 million people have their homes broken into.  I have hinted on this in podcast past but have never set down and done a show about the tricks that burglars use to victimize us.  If you would like to look back on the show that I talked about this, check out Home Defense.   There are hundreds of people out there that produce these lists and I would advise reading through a few.  The ones that I grabbed from were Readers Digest and SimpliSafe.  With a quick search you will find many resources, just be aware that there is good and bad information out there on this subject.

I have dove into some great resources to bring you tricks that burglars don’t want you to know.  As Gentlemen, we should be concerned about what burglars do and look for when looking for a target.  We can use this information to our advantage by guarding against these horrible acts.  We all want to keep our family safe, especially when they are in the house.  Take these things that former burglars have looked for and make sure that you are guarding against a possible break in.

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What do burglars not want you to know?

  • Why we should be worried about this
  • What are the statistics that involve this topic
  • What are 8 different tricks that burglars use to break in
  • How do we fend against these tricks

Resources used in the show today:

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