Hosting a Podcast as a Side Hustle

podcastEveryone needs a side hustle.  Owning your own podcast is a great way to do this.  There are two different ways you can earn a second income through a side hustle.  The first way to to sell your time and the second is to sell your information and your brand.  By developing a podcast you are able to sell and make money by how much attention you attract instead of how many hours you can sell.  Podcasting is a great way to meet people and develop lasting relationships in a community that you develop.  I have created and cultivated a community devoted to their family in a healthy and tangible way.  Don’t get me wrong though, having a podcast is not an easy thing to do.

I dive into what it takes to own your own podcast and being an official podcaser.  You can get a lot more information and learn a lot more by visiting and being a member of the Fraternity of Gentlemen.  During the show I will let you know how much you can benefit from having a membership!

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What does it take to host your own podcast?

  • What Fraternity of gentlemen has to offer
  • Website considerations
  • Microphone choice
  • Audio editing
  • What makes a successful show
  • How to make money with your podcast
  • The reality of podcasting

I mentioned listening to a past episode to understand why I call Skilled Gentlemen Podcast a successful business through the 8 forms of capital.

8 forms of capital for gentlemen

There were no resources used in the making of this episode.

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