I feel I owe you an apology

an apologyOver the past few months my schedule has been getting harder to manage.  With my schedule filling up and responsibilities getting bigger, I am getting inconsistent with my posts.  This is not good for business.  Nor is this good for your trust that I am going to put out quality podcasts.  I aim to explain what is going on today in an apology.  This apology does not come with an “I’m sorry” but with the truth of what is going on and how I am managing it.

This is not an excuse but more of an explanation of what is happening to cause my inconsistencies.  I try to make sure that you have two new podcast episodes every week along with a weekend motivation.  With the set that goal at the first of the year if you remember.  I have fallen behind in my goal and I feel you deserve an apology.  My biggest hope is that you will be patient with my changing world.  With a list of projects and a changing lifestyle in front of me, I am adapting as quickly as possible.  You are getting a front row seat to this change.

big oak homestead

What do I need an apology for?

  • I have been inconstant with
    • podcasts
    • snapchats
    • youtube videos
  • We are going to dive into the weekly life of Clay
  • What has been ramping up
  • How I am controlling the pace
  • My promise to you
  • What you can do to help out

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