Learning from Tough Situations with John

learning through tough situationsLife has a way of throwing tough situations at you, and it is up to you to solve the problem.  My guest today has done just that.  He has been in situations that has required him to be tough and make divisions in a quick fashion.  With what he was taught as a child and his want to make sure that his family was unharmed, he got through these tough scenarios unscathed.  More importantly though is that he learned from these.

Today we are going to be discussing how he handled these situations.  It is up to you to make your own decisions on how you would handle these tough scenarios.  John is a long time listener to the show.  He reached out to me through facebook to talk about these stories.  If you have some stories that you have learned from, please contact me either by email or through social media.

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What should I learn from these tough situations?

  • Possible car jacking
    • What caused the aggressors to do this?
    • Were they armed?
    • How did you and your wife handle the aftermath?
    • Did you involve the police?
  • Wreck
    • Did you think about your own safety?
    • Why did you act?
    • Where did you learn about seizure patient care?

There were no resourced used the the show.

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