Preparing for next Winter Storm- Weekend Manly Motivation

winter stormWinter storms are no joke.  Your family is in real danger when the winter storm strikes.  With icy roads, power outages, and temperatures that drop below freezing you are faced with a force that can kill you.  With a little bit of preparation and some forward thinking, you can not only survive this but thrive during the next winter storm that strikes.  Yesterday we enjoyed a nice 70 degree day with birds singing and sun shining.  Just like every single year, mid February we are going to get the last winter storm for the year.  Don’t let this one sneak up on you.

This is your Weekend Manly Motivation.  A podcast designed to give you a quick shot of motivation so that you are ready to crush your weekend activities.  Lasting anywhere between 5-10 minutes per episode, you are able to get a quick kick in the butt to make sure that your weekend is both productive and relaxing.

How should you prepare for the next winter storm?

  • Gathering up the materials to provide your family with
    • Water
    • Food
    • Warmth
  • Preparing a vehicle for emergencies
  • General Emergency preparations you should consider
  • Advanced lighting
  • Providing entertainment for the family

For more information, check out one of the first podcast that I did called “Preparing for the Winter Vortex”  I go into great detail concerning your family and surviving a cold winter storm.

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