Building a Profitable Homestead

how to build a profitable homesteadEvery man should have some form of homestead.  I have mentioned this in past podcasts ad nauseum.  However, if you were to take a few extra steps you could make the homestead or farm profitable.  This could afford to pay off some of your extra expenses or even so far as to be your full time income.  Even if you do not have land to farm on, there are ways that you can develop and profit from other’s land.  This is not rocket surgery, just laborious and backbreaking work.  However, think about the possibilities it could afford you if you could quit your full time job.

Today I am going to give you the resources to build a homestead that is profitable.  You can take this information and run with it to build the best business you can or just build a really nice landscape.


How do you build a homestead that is profitable?

  • What you should be learning now in the winter
  • Finding some land to grow on
  • Learning your market
  • Getting creative with your products
  • Looking into longer term projects
  • Building this business even if you work a 9-5
  • Im going to give you a way to learn how I am building my business

I mentioned at the end of the podcast about my open source homestead.  You can use all of the information that I provide to build your own profitable homesteading business by checking out the Big Oak Homestead website.  You can also check out the social media accounts.

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