How Resilient are You?

how resilient are youOne of the hallmarks of a Gentleman is being resilient.  Being able to bounce back from a hard situation is something that not many people are able to do.  I do believe that is a big reason why people are as depressed and sad today.  The good news is that resiliency is not something that you are born with.  Being resilient is a skill that is developed over time.  Developed through hard times and coming out on the other end of it being a better person.

Today I am going to give you the tools to be a more resilient person in your own life.  There are seven ways that you can develop your own resiliency in this podcast.  That does not mean that this is it.  I would encourage you to find your own way to be a more optimistic person in your own way.  It is the greats among people that are resilient enough to take a setback and come out the other end better than what they were before.

Fraternity of Gentlemen

How can we be more resilient in our lives?

  • Why I feel that society has lost a lot of their resiliency 
  • Find a purpose in your life
  • Embrace change
  • Be more optimistic
  • Learn to find humor
  • Manage your emotions
  • Prepare
  • Turn hardship into opportunity

I mentioned in the show that there are a few podcasts that you can go back and listen to.  The links can be found here.

how to crush your morning routinebeacon of positivityPreparing for a job loss living a disaster

Resources used in the show:

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