How To Crush Your Morning Routine

how to crush your morning routineEvery day of your life you make millions of decisions when we wake up.  We start our morning just like millions of regular men do.  Why not step up and design a morning routine like some of the most successful Gentlemen in America?  All men have  a way that they start their day off.  Some of us run around and try to play catch up because we hit the snooze button too many times.  Some of us do wake up but the whole morning is spent in a stooper.  Then there are the Gentlemen that have a way that their day is supposed to start.

You want to be that Gentleman that starts his day off the right way.  By the end of the podcast you are going to be prepared to absolutely crush your morning routine.  You will have no excuses to do so.  My challenge to you is to just try it for 30 days and see where it gets you in life.

Fraternity of Gentlemen

How do you crush your morning routine?

  • Why should you even considering having a daily routine
  • We dive into the morning routines of some of the greatest people in business
  • I discuss my morning routine
    • depending on the day

At the end of the podcast I play a clip from Eric Thomas.  The link to the youtube video can be found here (

Resources used in the show today:


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